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Today was one of those somber days you just lay around in your sweat pants with a blanket and a movie. All i wanted to doSauted chicken and leafy saladbroccoli and cheese soup was curl up to a nice warm bowl of soup and lounge around all day. When I was thinking about comfort soup, broccoli and cheese soup was the first on my list. I love the creamy texture of the soup and the nice surprise of broccoli you get in each bite. Along with my soup I made a simple leafy salad and sauted chicken breast. It brought so much comfort to my soul 🙂



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  • Jessica@Foodmayhem: Ahh, soup on a rainy day....I feel ya.
  • Gustov: Omg!! Monica your food looks amazing! I have worked in the food industry for years and I'm a personal chef for a family in Minnetonka and I also own m
  • Shannon Williams: OMG! That looks amazing Monica! You are such a talented chef! I have been in the food industry for a long time, and I am a personal chef for a family